TV Sender Tele 5 - Schlefaz Club Tour

During the promotion Tour we provided touchable holographic display and different 27Inch Terminals.

The customer was able to buy special Promo Shirts beside the regular Merchandise. These shots were printed on demand.

The result was astonishing, we reached a conversion from more then 10 percent.

Karstadt - Interactive Shopping Window

Duesseldorf has one of the most frequently visited shopping streets in Germany, The Shadowstreet. (In addition to numerous good brands, you will find...)Next to all good Brands you will find Kaufhof and Karstadt. Karstadt started a Project called "Experience Store"

"The Experience Store is a platform to test the acceptance of new technologies with customers on the basis of a curated assortment."...


The digital shopping window is an example for the optimal use and online integration of the shop window. By connecting digital content to the online shop, 24/7 shopping is enabled.

The interactive shopping window is equipped with proximity sensors that react to hand gestures. Through hand gesture commands, customers can playfully browse through the product catalogue, view more detailed product information and purchase the product anytime, even outside of the store opening hours."

VIVOBAREFOOT - interactive Shopping Window

The Vivo Barefoot Flagshipstore in Cologne/Germany provides an interactive Shopping Window.

Shopping 24/7. This is Multichannel. Combining Online and Offline.

Hamburg Airport- Christmas Gift Finder

Together with our Partner CPMS Consulting, the Hamburg Airport provided an Christmas Gift Finder to international Travelers.

....and many more..