Imagine a world...

where you can turn your shopping windows into a multi-channel device, making additional sales and huge branding.

WITHOUT changing your windows!

where you can turn your digital signage screens into multi-channel devices, making additional sales.

WITHOUT changing all the Hardware!

  • where you sell your products on printed posters at the underground station, the bus-station
  • where you can turn all your sales people into specialists that know every detail about each product you are selling

WITHOUT spending a huge amount of money for monthly training!

  • where your international customers are able to pay using the method they want! With the payment method they are use to, from their home-country. No matter where they are from!
  • where people will buy your products even if they already stepped outside your shop.

WITHOUT investing in hundreds of different payment terminals!

And NOW... Imagine, that all you need is a Google Shopping Feed!

If your Onlineshop System is able to provide a Google Shopping Feed (what it should be), we are able bring your products direct into your shopping windows.

POSeidon EN 2019