The interactive shop window permits local sales around the clock and 7 days a week!

Start a dialogue with all the by passers today. Be informed, about they what REALLY want. Upscale your store visitors.

Radar Touch. The Solution for usual Shopping Windows.

For the operation of the Window, an infrared grid with a sensor is placed over the Pane.

The shop window remains and does NOT need to be changed!

This is the solution for double glazing and temperatures between -25°, up to 45° Celsius.

Sunlight? No Problem.

We use only High Bright Screens from leading manufacturers.

A normal TV has a brightness from 450 so called "Nits" the screens we use have up to 4000 Nits.

Automatically adjust lighting according to sunlight exposure.

Touch Foil. The touch foil is glued from the back to the pane.

The Pane can be up to 20mm thick to create the full touch capability (Not for Double Pane).

For the picture we will use an ultra short throw projector.

This is the right solution for magical effects during the darkness, and for ultimate use inside shopping-malls.

You will get a fantastic result, BUT - this will not work during sunlight hours or with double glazing windows.

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