Even if you already know everything about mobile Payment Solutions - you definitely should have a look at our Poseidon mobile payment method.

POSeidons DNA is, that we are "out of the eCommerce" - You can feel our passion everyday in every single line of code. And what happens, if people that are ecom people think about mobile payment? Client Thinking. That means:

  • No App to install
  • Simple checkout
  • Every payment method is possible, safe and convenient.

In the end result, it means that for example,

  • a German guy in France is able to buy at a closed shop, directly at the shopping window and pay by German invoice... or
  • an asian Tourist in Europe is able to pay instore with alipay ... or
  • paying instore with paypal ...

more then 200 different payment methods.

through the cooperation with the German based finance Institute heidelpay and the deep integration you are able to provide your customers with an unbelievable service.


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