Digital Signage - endless aisle - DOOH there are so many names for the same stuff.

At the end it is something similar like a "digital poster" A digital "One Way Communication". You shout (maybe loud) and somebody will hear you.

Don't you think it would be good to go the next step?

Just step into a dialogue with your by-passers. Our aim is to switch the existing millions of screens and LED walls into interaction & connection.

As an advertiser, you will get data. Minimum about usage, and the interests of your customers, OR you get addresses, OR concrete dates OR concrete Sales.

In any case, however, an added value that goes far beyond "playing videos".

Together with our partners, we are able to provide you from 10“ up to 120“.

Indoor. Outdoor. High Bright. Leasing. Rental. Selling. Fully Managed. Around the Globe.

Software Vendors - Looking for Partners

We are always looking for innovative partners. Vendors of ERP systems and digital signage systems. Together with them and our patented Beam Basket solution, we provide an all in one solution for ambitious advertisers.

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