All around the world QR shopping becomes more and more popular.

There is no easier and cheaper way to provide more service to your customer.

In 2011 the Korean Supermarket Tesco started to sell products on printed posters in the underground stations.

The Result:

  • 76% new registered users
  • Online sales increased 130%

With the POSeidon QR Shopping Module you can do the same immediately. The only thing we need is your Google shopping Feed. That is it.

Use POSeidon QR shopping in your brochure.

If you want to take this chance and be one of the first! In Europe, you should be aware, that you need the right products.

If you do print-advertising, you should start immediately. Every product you advertise in your brochure is the right product.

If you can ship it - Start Today

The perfect solution for the whole fmcg industry.

Nowadays people use their smartphone for shopping. But not for shopping for things like milk, butter or flour.

Provide your customers a delivery service combined with a "take away business" at the bus-station.

Let them scan product-codes in a NEW & exciting way.

But please... do not try that with an ex. Shoes or phones or something like that.

If you provide QR Shopping at the bus-station, or the underground station - please use it with Fmcg OR food delivery only. For all other products, use POSeidon QR shopping in your brochures.

The POSeidon QR shopping provides a unique "Shopping FEELING" to the Customer. Without POSEidon QR shopping, you will be redirected to the Product Page in the Online-shop (where you have to click "add to basket" - Click "go to shopping-cart" and so on.)

With Poseidon QR shopping it is: Scan the QR Code, and you have one item in the Basket. Scan it again. You have two Items in the basket.

Try it out. Scan this code two times. Look & see how it feels.

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