POSeidon interconnects and digitalizes all elements involved in the sales process and thus meets all customer requirements for a perfect shopping experience.

POSeidon supports every step of the sales process regardless of

• whether the customer would like to shop around for the desired product alone in a relaxed atmosphere or if a proficient consultation meeting is requested.

• whether the desired article is picked up directly or is to be dispatched home.

The POSeidon SD is a good, handy introduction to digitally supporting sales consultation.

Never before have customers been better informed than today.

Thanks to the internet and the use of the smartphone, prices and product information are always available. Even recessions, customer reviews, and testimonials have long been everyday life when making a purchase decision.

In stationary retail, a physical seller knows many details about products, but not all. Therefore, the POSeidon sales device provides the seller with all product information, such as detailed information, stock levels, and customer experience during the consultation.

Advice and sales at the highest level directly from one source.

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